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How does Vietnam eSIM work?

Vietnam eSIM buy


Buy your eSIM for Vietnam & get it instantly delivered via email

Vietnam eSIM scan


Scan the QR & add the eSIM to your phone just with a Tap-Tap-Tap

Activate Vietnam eSIM data plans

Activate and enjoy

Activate the plan when you are in Vietnam and enjoy mobile internet within minutes

What is ESIM?

What is eSIM icon - Gigago

a digital chip embedded in your device

No need to insert a physical SIM card

What is eSIM icon - Gigago

Immediate Delivery & Instant Connectivity

Receive the eSIM QR Code to your email, add it to your phone & connect internet in minutes

What is eSIM icon - Gigago

No presence at any physical store

Buy online, install it on your phone and go

Does my device support Vietnam eSIM?

Check if your phones support eSIM Vietnam or not!

How to Use Vietnam eSIM on your Phone

Download the eSIM to your phone and activate it for data use

Turn on Wifi
Turn on Wifi
Go to <strong>Settings</strong>
Go to Settings
Select <strong>Cellular/Mobile data</strong>
Select Cellular/Mobile data
Tap <strong>Add Cellular Plan/Add eSIM</strong>
Tap Add Cellular Plan/Add eSIM
Scan eSIM QR code
Scan eSIM QR code
Tap<strong>Add Cellular Plan/Add eSIM</strong>
TapAdd Cellular Plan/Add eSIM
Label eSIM and set its as Cellular data
Label eSIM and set its as Cellular data
Turn on eSIM and its Data roaming
Turn on eSIM and its Data roaming
Turn on Wifi
Turn on Wifi and go to <strong>Settings</strong>
Turn on Wifi and go to Settings
Select <strong>Connections</strong>
Select Connections
Select <strong>SIM card manager</strong>
Select SIM card manager
Tab <strong>Add mobile plan</strong>
Tab Add mobile plan
Tab <strong>Scan carrier QR code</strong> to scan eSIM QR code
Tab Scan carrier QR code to scan eSIM QR code
Wait & Complete the eSIM installation processs
Wait & Complete the eSIM installation processs
Turn on Wifi and go to Settings
Gigago eSIM
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Hamid BaniHamid Bani
06:32 22 Mar 23
Highly recommended!!The installation of the eSIM was very well explained and was very quick and easy.I was in Vietnam in March 2023 for 2 weeks from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). Everywhere was the reception good to very good.Especially the price/performance ratio was very good, comparable to other providers. And my wife could also use the internet at the same time as me all the time via hotspot.
Robson CadoreRobson Cadore
09:24 20 Jan 23
What a great service!It was easy to install and activate it. As soon as we landed it was working perfectly.I've used it in Ho Chi Minh City and Mui Ne and the internet speed and coverage was great.It is so much easier and convenient than buying a local SIM card.
Steffen ReithermannSteffen Reithermann
07:50 09 Jan 23
Very easy to use and good quality eSIM for Vietnam. So no physical / classic SIM needed, just a QR code to scan on mobile phones which support this, everything can be prepared at home already. Not only data, but also a certain amount of local phone calls included. Minor issues: It would be convenient to have a few SMS text messages included, too. Got some respective messages in Vietnamese language, but it was not clear to me where and how to charge additional „airtime“.
Lean RivasLean Rivas
06:54 09 Jan 23
i bought an esim being in Barcelona for my trip to Vietnam and everything went perfect. the code arrive days before the trip and once i landed i have connection asap.super recommended.
prashant mauryaprashant maurya
05:50 09 Jan 23
Bought my Esim 10 days ahead of my Vietnam tour, followed instructions and activated when landed. Service was satisfactory and network was available throughout the country. It is very easy process to buy and activate and you don't have to hassle at airport for local sim and price was also cheaper.
Adam MoyAdam Moy
14:59 26 Dec 22
eSIM was sent straight after payment. No going to a store. I was expecting to be able to make calls and send SMS but didn’t read FAQs thoroughly. Data works very well with Grab app and WhatsApp. Also recommend reading activation instructions carefully. Overall, happy with purchase. Better than relying only on Wifi.
Zenny Jumari JohariZenny Jumari Johari
14:20 23 Dec 22
The WhatsApp’s helpline was superb. Immediate respond. Assist me every step on the activation of the esim. Will definitely use Gigago on my next trip to Vietnam.
Cedric LandererCedric Landerer
04:35 22 Nov 22
Had an initial issue but the help was quick and resolved the issue super quick.
Karl BedrichKarl Bedrich
04:12 22 Nov 22
Esim did not work immediately but has been quickly activated by friendly and helpful WhatsApp service

Frequently Asked Questions

For most trips to Vietnam, 3GB or 4GB of data will be enough to cover your common internet usage, including searching google maps, and browsing websites.

But if you have a high demand for internet, including watching Netflix, Youtube, or calling via Facetime, or if you are traveling in Vietnam for almost a month, a higher data volume is recommended. 

In addition, in order to save your data, you may opt to use free WI-FI as much as possible.

Your plan starts when you activate your eSIM data plan, not from the time you scan its QR code and add it to your phone.

Once you place the order and make payment to us, the eSIM QR code will be immediately delivered to your email. You then just need to scan it to your phone, and activate your plan immediately if you are in Vietnam or when you land in our country.

In case you do not see the email in your inbox, please check your spam or email us at hello@gigago.vn.

Yes, you will keep it and all your conversations and contacts. You can use it just like normal.

Gigago Vietnam eSIM connects you to the mobile network of Vinaphone – one of the 2 biggest mobile networks operators in Vietnam. Its coverage is excellent in big cities and in countryside as well.

As revealed by Speedtest Intelligence® for Q1 2022, Vinaphone was the fastest mobile operator among top providers in Vietnam with a median download speed of 42.43 Mbps, had the lowest latency at 19 ms.

Yes, you are required to do so to get the best coverage. This will not incur any additional charges, as long as you have already set up the Gigago eSIM.

If your data has been used up or your eSim validity comes to an end, your eSIM card will no longer work and you will not be able to connect to the internet. If you want more data, buying a new plan is the best choice.

No, at the moment, Gigago eSIM for Vietnam cannot be topped up. However, you can buy another eSIM if you need more data.

As you need Wi-FI to set up your eSIM, we recommend that you install your eSIM before departure for Vietnam. And then, activate your eSIM data plan when you land in Vietnam.

If your data has been used up or your eSim validity comes to an end, your eSIM card will no longer work and you will not be able to connect to the internet. If you want more data, buying a new plan is the best choice.

How to check data usage depends on the package you buy. It will be clearly stated in the user’s guide attached to the email sent to you after your payment.

To delete the eSIM, you go to your phone settings, and then your eSIM, and select Remove the data plan. After confirming, your eSIM will be removed.